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Sour Special Sauce 1oz


We have a new special (and saucy) CBD dried hemp strain that is sure to impress even the most sophisticated of CBD palettes with its kaleidoscopic terpene profile – Sour Special Sauce! This (special) cross of Sour Diesel CBD and Special Sauce CBD hemp strains is absolutely brimming with a world of terpenes for a unique mix of the CBD characteristics you love. This pack contains 1oz of this incredible strain – so tuck in and experience pure CBD magic.

Special Sauce has a lot to bring to the table all on its own – renowned for its interstellar CBD content, this well-loved strain is one part total relaxation and one part creative muse. With a hint of sweet hops, summer berries, and earthiness, it’s as delicious as it is effective. Sour Diesel, the true classic that it is, is a potent, fast-acting CBD strain full of clear headedness and body relaxation. Together, expect spicy b-caryophyllene, floral phytol, and hoppy farnesene terpenes to add some much needed sauciness to your day!

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Rogue Bear Farms has taken this incredible cross strain and grown it into our impeccable air-dried, hand trimmed, perfectly cured hemp flower. Ideal for any dry herb vape, joint, or bong, Sour Special Sauce delivers a complex mix of CBD components to satisfy any and all needs. Although delightful in its own right, the Special Sauce strain is kept in check by the energetic Sour Diesel, which will help keep you mentally calm without sliding into total lethargy.

We only use organic biomass composting, grow our hemp plants in untreated, virgin soil and water them with clean, pesticide free H2O. Adhering to a regime of strict sustainability can sometimes be challenging, but we firmly believe that our environmental consciousness is something that sets us apart. Check out what else sets our new Sour Special Sauce apart from the crowd:

  • Hand Trimmed
  • 16% CBD (cannabidiol)
  • 100% Organically Sun Grown
  • Farmer Owned
  • All Natural

Fully involved in cultivation and production, Rogue Bear Farms grows the hemp plants, processes the hemp oil, air dries the hemp flower, formulates the blends and brings our true craft cannabis products straight to you!


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